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Mangia’s Brucoli, Sicily, Autograph Collection

1970s: Our most important adventure gets under way

Antonio Mangia founded the Aeroviaggi travel agency in the heart of Palermo in 1973. 
In the space of a few years, it became one of the major tour operators and DMC in Sicily and launched the concept of all-inclusive tourism for the first time in Italy. From that time on, innovation became a signature feature of the company.

1980s: The hotel division was set up

In the 1980s, Aeroviaggi became a joint-stock company and started the hotel management division, effectively becoming one of Italy’s first integrated operators with its headquarters in Palermo and offices in Milan and Paris. Over time, the company developed and refined its direct management method, focusing on maximum operational efficiency and internationalisation.

1990s: Growth, impact and strategic vision

The 1990s saw a strong commercial expansion including leadership in the French market.
These were pivotal years in which the company, with facilities in Brucoli and Sciacca, made its first acquisitions whilst building and consolidating its reputation, becoming one of the most influential companies in the Italian tourism market, and the number one charter operator in Sicily and Sardinia. The company took off.

2000s: Arrival in Sardinia

At the turn of the new century, Aeroviaggi took another key step along its path with the acquisition of the La Marmorata hotel in Santa Teresa di Gallura. A facility surrounded by the most uncontaminated and breathtaking landscape in Sardinia, with more than 2,500 beds. The company’s method of operation, honed over years of work was what made this monumental feat possible. Milano Finanza, the daily economic newspaper, dedicated a special issue to our group and its strategic vision.

2010s: The relaunch of Pollina, a symbol of Sicily

The inauguration of Pollina Resort, which underwent a complete overhaul and transformed it into one of Sicily’s most striking and iconic resorts, marked the company’s entrance onto the big stage. This investment, which would be followed by Himera Resort, once again highlighted the Group’s exceptional ability as a real estate developer, managing large-scale renovation plans in-house within a very tight timeframe (typically 6-8 months), regenerating underperforming or disused structures. The Group continued its double-digit growth and achieved a number of records that confirmed its position as an absolute leader in the Resort Sun & Beach destinations segment. The best, however, was yet to come.

2020s: New Era

Favignana Resort, the first high-end resort in the Collection and a milestone in the ongoing repositioning project, was opened on May 28, 2021. Aeroviaggi thus earned its spot in the top rankings of the Italian tourism industry: with 13 facilities including Premium Resorts and Clubs, it became the number one Italian hotel chain by room market share, the second specialising in Sun & Beach destinations with a consolidated position among the top 10 hospitality brands in Italy by market share.

2021: The brand MANGIA’S Resorts was launched by Aeroviaggi S.p.A.

Aeroviaggi takes an important step on its path to becoming a leader in the premium segment of the hospitality resort market, launching the Mangia’s Resorts brand.

2022: Joint Venture with Hotel Investment Partners (HIP)

The Group signs a partnership with HIP/Blackstone, and started a series of renovation projects.

2023: 5 Star Resorts

Mangia’s announces 3 new 5-star Resorts – Mangia’s Torre del Barone Resort & SPA, Mangia’s Brucoli, Sicily and Mangia’s Santa Teresa Sardinia. Mangia’s also signs partnership with international brands Marriott and Hilton for the new 2024 season: Mangia’s Brucoli, Sicily joins the Autograph Collection by Marriott and Mangia’s Santa Teresa Sardinia becomes part of  the Curio Collection by Hilton.

2024: City Hotel

Mangia’s confirms the acquisition of the Grand Hotel et Des Palmes and Palazzo Favaloro Gallo, historic buildings in Palermo, marking the launch of a new line of city hotels.

Mangia’s Pollina Resort, Sicily
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