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Velasca chooses the Favignana Resort & Villas

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The top-quality Italian artisan shoemaker, Velasca, currently taking part in a tour of the most heavenly areas of Sicily, lands in Favignana, choosing the Favignana Premium Resort to explore the story behind the new project by MANGIA’S Resorts by the Sea.

Velasca is going on tour in Sicily and has chosen Favignana Resort & Villas to find out more about the history of the island of Favignana

In the splendid setting of the island, the meeting between two companies reveals a profound sharing of values: a love for the local area and commitment to promoting interest in every part of it.

It is no coincidence, in fact, that the company’s extraordinary feat of re-evaluating a structure such as the Favignana Premium Resort is accompanied by the targeted decision to bring Master Chef Peppe Giuffrè on board the project: a connoisseur of the flavours of Sicily, the Chef has created an entire menu for the resort’s new Donna Floriana Premium Restaurant.

From the very first moment, the meeting between the Chef and Velasca took the form of an intimate chat in a location that resembles the stage of an open-air theatre. The sea surrounding the Favignana Resort provides the backdrop, a plank from a traditional fishing boat becomes the Chef’s kitchen countertop, and the rippling of the waves provides the background sound, balanced by the rhythmic wielding of the kitchen utensils.

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Guided by Peppe Giuffrè’s art of storytelling, profound insights are revealed: the story of a family that passed on the art of good cooking, the emphasis on local flavours and passion for craftsmanship.

What makes the authenticity of the moment possible is, first and foremost, the authenticity of the link between the Favignana Premium Resort and the pristine island where it was created.

A stroll through the restaurant’s vegetable garden is accompanied by a light breeze that fills the air with the unique scents of basil, thyme, wild mint and rosemary. Here, the Chef and the Velasca team pick fragrant basil leaves and then head for the Donna Floriana restaurant.
And here, on that boat that hides the secrets of the island, the scent of freshly chopped basil with extra virgin olive oil and red garlic mingles with Peppe Giuffrè’s story providing a glimpse of history that seems to bring everyone present together.

It is the story of an exotic, fascinating place with its rocky coves and crystal-clear blue waters blending with an unspoilt, wild and fascinating landscape.
This is the story of the Mediterranean bluefin tuna, not only a prized ingredient, but also the result of the island’s fishermen’s sense of care.

But it is the story, above all, of the Mangia family’s and the Chef’s deep-rooted ties to their land, whose beauty is promoted to create long-lasting memories and emotions in visitors to the island of Favignana.

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